Action meetings

Action Meetings include Management Committee meetings, working group meetings, workshops and conferences. Whenever possible these will be co-located with other activities. If necessary, the meetings can be held virtually. 

Each Action meeting will be announced on the Action webpage and communicated via Slack and/or email to all the members.

Important information about applications for attendance and eligibility / reimbursement: 

  • Everyone will have to apply for the meeting (MC members, as well as other members – all are welcome to join – if not specified otherwise). 
  • Specific calls will always be announced on time. Those who wish to attend the meeting and be reimbursed may apply by emailing and attaching a letter of motivation using the template that will be sent out on time, specifically for each WG meeting. An example from one of the previous calls can be found here.
  • Applications should be received by the date indicated in each individual WG meeting call.   
  • If the number of applicants exceeds the number that can be supported by the available budget, the Action Committee will select applicants to be reimbursed by e-vote. 
  • Selection will be based on the letter of motivation received, taking into account geographic and gender balance, and inclusiveness of Early Career Investigators. Priority will be given to the applications coming from the ITC. The list of participants selected for reimbursement will be announced on time. 
  • Formal invitations will then be sent out via the e-COST platform. 
  • According to COST rules, all participants that are eligible for reimbursement are expected to initially pay all the expenses themselves and provide evidence of expenses incurred via the e-COST platform. Participants will be reimbursed after the meeting.

Please check the Travel Reimbursement Rules for details on reimbursement upon the completion of the event.