Funded Projects 2023

Prof. Lena Jäger won an Open Science grant by swissuniversities. MultiplEYEStore aims to support MultiplEYE by making all the collected data accessible via un interface with a data repository hosted by PsychArchives. The project will also enhance the collaboration with Leibniz Institute for Psychology (ZPID) in Trier.

AI4Debunk: Participative Assistive AI-powered Tools for Supporting Trustworthy Online Activity of Citizens and Debunking Disinformation
Jamal Nasir (WG4 leader), along with his consortium, has successfully secured a Horizon Europe project with a budget of €4.9 million. AI4Debunk will explore and develop AI and NLP methods for debunking Disinformation. One of the Work Packages will also investigate whether eye-tracking data can reveal differences in human perception when it comes to viewing true and False News. The project is coordinated by Prof. Inna Šteinbuka (University of Latvia), with 14 partner organisations from 8 countries (Ireland, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Greece, Latvia, and Ukraine).