MultiplEYE Pre-registration Form

    Please note that the pre-registration form
    cannot be edited after submission. All
    fields are necessary.

    We recommend carefully reviewing the entered information to avoid any
    typos. If you need to make changes or corrections after submission,
    please contact us directly via email at

    1. Contact Information

    Note: This should be the contact information of the principal
    investigator/professor/responsible researcher.

    2. Provide a title for your dataset

    As a part of the COST Action Project “MultiplEYE”, the title of your
    dataset should be named accordingly and should be used consistently.
    The title is composed of the terms “MutliplEYE”, the tested language,
    the name of your country, the name of your city, your identifier, and
    the year when your data collection ends.

    Note: If this is your first data collection for MultiplEYE, please
    choose data identifier “1”.






    example: MultiplEYE_EN_UK_London_2_2025

    3. Please specify the resolution in pixels of the display screen

    Note: First field is horzontal measurement, second field is vertical


    example: (1920, 1080) pixels

    4. Please specify the size of the display screen in centimeters

    Note: The screen size without frame must be
    at least 37 cm (horizontal) by 28 cm (vertical).


    example: (54.4, 30.3) cm

    5. Please specify the distance between the participant and the display
    screen in centimeters

    Please refer to our data collection guidelines
    (section 11.3)
    for instructions on how to measure the distance from the eye to the screen.

    Note: The distance is the eye-to-screen distance for monocular testing
    (measured in cm, 90 degree angle). The default is 60 cm.

    If it is not possible to stick to this distance, please inform us and specify the differing distance below.

    differing distance:

    example: 52 cm

    6. Please specify whether the script of the tested language is written
    from left to right (ltr) or from right to left (rtl)

    script direction:

    example: rtl