Join Us

MultiplEYE is accepting new members at any time. 

To participate as a Working Group member, contact the Action’s Chair or the MC member(s) from your country to discuss your potential contribution. 

If you are affiliated to an institution, you can join MultiplEYE as a member of one or two Working Groups (WGs). 

1. Choose the WGs that comply most with your interests. Information about the working groups and their leaders can be found here.

2. Register in eCost:

3. Fill in your data and WG preferences here

4. Once your application is approved, you will be included in the WG activities.

If you are affiliated in a COST country that has not yet representation in the CA21131 – MultiplEYE Management Committee (MC), you can contact the COST National Coordinator (CNC) of your country to be included. For each Action, up to two representatives per COST Member can be nominated to the MC. The MC is responsible for the coordination, implementation, and management of an Action