Closed Call – STSM at the Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic

Short term scientific missions (STSMs) consist of a visit of a host organization located in a different country than the country of affiliation by a Researcher or Innovator for the specific work to be carried out and for a determined period of time (please read the COST ANNOTATED RULES).
These Missions are aimed at strengthening the existing networks by allowing scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST Country to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to take measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory. STSM grants cannot be spent on the preparation of proposals for funding from any source.
Note that the aim of any STSMs shall be to contribute to the scientific objectives of MultiplEYE!


  • The applicant is intended to learn how to design and conduct a self-paced reading (SPR) study.
  • The applicant and the host will aim to translate the eye-tracking experiment designed within MultiplEYE to the SPR method.
  • The applicant will aim to write a brief report on the outputs and the applicability of SPR to the goals of the MultiplEYE project.


  • Doc. Mgr. Jan Chromý, PhD,
  • Institute of Czech Language and Theory of Communication, Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic


  • STSM can take place only in September 2023, and can last from one, up to three weeks. The applicant and the host will agree on this, and the applicant will specify the time and duration in the application form.
  • The Evaluation Committee will verify that the duration proposed for the visit is in line with the proposed goals and activities.
  • Note that the dates are relatively firmly set due to the end of the first Grant period.


June 15th, 2023 – the applicant can start the mobility on the first week of September 2023


The documents necessary for the application and the outline of the application process can be found at the official website, under the Activities, STSM section. Please read them, and the COST ANNOTATED RULES, Grant Awarding User Guide, as well as this document carefully before applying!
Generally, the STSM application procedure will be conducted on-line via the E-COST PLATFORM. The following documents are required:

  • STSM Application Form filled in on e-COST and downloaded from the system (including STSM title, start and end date, information about the Host Institution and contact person, budget requested by the Applicant)
  • COST Application Template (including STSM details, goals, work plan and expected outputs;)
  • Host agreement Support Letter (letter of support from the host institution, signed by the host and the institution’s legal representative. The Letter must clearly show the organization acceptance of the proposed period for the visit and of the proposed work plan of the applicant)
  • Brief CV (max. 2 pages)
  • Motivation Letter (a brief letter summarizing the main scientific goals, as well as its relevance for the applicant, home/host institutions, the MultiplEye Action, etc.)
  • *Recommendation letter by someone from your institution (only if you are a PhD student and / or a research assistant!)

Please note that the evaluation process of submitted applications takes some time and the applicant can never start his/her mobility period before having received the evaluation outcomes and the relevant Grant Letter.


The STSMs are intended for any researcher affiliated to a legal entity based in either a COST Full/Cooperating Member or a Near Neighbour Country.


An STSM Grant is a contribution up to maximum 4.000 EUR to the overall travel, accommodation, and meal expenses of the Grantee. Please note that STSMs don’t support research costs. The Core Group decides on the final financial contribution, taking into consideration MultiplEYE available resources, the budget requested, the scope, the duration and the location of the STSM.


The STSM Applications are evaluated by the STSM Committee including:
– Grant Awarding Coordinator, Action Chair, Action Vice Chair and a Core Group Member

The STSM committee evaluates all STSM applications within approximately 2 weeks after the deadline. The selection of successful STSM applications is based on the scientific scope of the proposed mission, and how the mission supports MultiplEYE in achieving its scientific objectives. Gender balance and the distribution of STSMs among different working groups (WGs) will be also considered. The Action Committee has the right to award less than the requested amount.
Once the selection process is complete the Applicant receives a formal notification through e-COST informing him/her about the outcomes of the selection and whether the request has been approved or not. If the Application is funded, the Applicant receives a Grant Letter stating the approved amount and the conditions for receiving the Grant. In no case the Applicant can start his/her mobility period before having received the Grant Letter.


  • The relevance of the proposed exchange towards the MultiplEYE Action Objectives
  • The quality and clarity of the proposed research, and the motivation behind it
  • The feasibility of the proposed activities
  • The profile of the researcher
  • The output potential of the research carried out (deliverables)
  • The coherence among the proposed budget and the duration and destination of the visit. Applicants are strongly encouraged to consider COST daily allowance rates when preparing their budget.


After completion of the STSM, the grantee is required to submit a scientific report on e-COST and to send it by email to the Grant Awarding Coordinator within 30 days after the STSM has been completed.
The Applicant is also required to upload on e-COST and send to the Grant Awarding Coordinator a confirmation letter from the host institution stating the successful achievement of the foreseen goals (with signature of the local supervisor and/or legal representative).
Upon approval of the scientific report by the STSM Committee the Grant will be processed and paid directly to the grantee within 30 days.


  1. Grant Awarding Coordinator – Ana Matić Škorić (questions related to the application procedure and organization of the STSM)
  2. Action Chair / Vice Chair – Nora Hollenstein / Lena Jäger (questions related to the MultiplEYE objectives)
  3. Action Grant Manager – Anna Bondar (questions related to the e-COST, Grant Letter and financial matters)

Important: Prior to submitting an application, the applicants must contact the host, Jan Chromý, with the short proposal of the envisioned work plan (1-2 paragraphs) and the week(s) of stay, as well as to obtain a Host agreement Support Letter which is to be uploaded in the e-COST. Note that the Host agreement Support Letter does not guarantee that you will be selected. Please cc the Grant Awarding Coordinator Ana Matić Škorić in the email while contacting the host.