Unlocking the World of Eye-Tracking: My STSM Experience at the University of Zurich

Nilgün Yücel visited the University of Zurich, Switzerland from 31/08/2023 to 20/09/2023

I am thrilled to share my recent Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) experience at the University of Zurich, supported by the European Cooperation in Science and Technology (COST). I hope that sharing my recent academic visit will motivate and inspire other scholars to consider an STSM opportunity within our COST network.

My STSM journey began with a sense of curiosity and a desire to deepen my knowledge in eye-tracking methodology, specifically in the context of the ongoing MultipIEYE experiment. As I set foot in Zurich and began my collaboration with Chiara Tschirner, my host researcher, I quickly realized that this experience would be nothing short of transformative.

One of the highlights of my STSM was the comprehensive exploration of eye-tracking methodology. From the initial preparations involving Excel files, image creation, and calibration, to the intricate details of data collection and analysis techniques, I was exposed to the entire spectrum of this interesting field.

A significant portion of my time was dedicated to testing and piloting the MultipIEYE experiment. This involved recruiting Turkish-speaking participants, translating texts, contributing to the development of Python images, and conducting the pilot study itself. Our primary goal was to identify potential issues and gather invaluable feedback from the participants regarding the reading materials and the experiment process. This hands-on experience allowed me to witness application of eye-tracking methodology.

One of the most remarkable aspects of my STSM was the opportunity to collaborate with my host researcher as well as a diverse group of international researchers from time to time.
Through shared efforts and a collective passion for our field, I acquired a comprehensive understanding of eye-tracking methodology and its practical application within the MultipIEYE experiment. Moreover, I developed proficiency in creating experiment materials and refining data processing techniques.

My overall STSM at the University of Zurich, supported by COST, has been an exceptional journey of skill enhancement, collaboration, and contribution to the MultipIEYE experiment. I extend my gratitude to COST for making this experience possible. I look forward to maintaining a collaborative relationship with Chiara Tschirner and our fellow team members on the MultipIEYE project.