WG1&3 Meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania, May, 2024

Participants of Working Group 1 and Working Group 3 gathered together on 16- 17 May in the Kaunas University of Technology. The primary objective of the meeting was to present and discuss the data collection process, the experimental procedure, discuss the ongoing reviews and research questions from WG3 concerning the MultiplEYE data.

The day started with greetings between MultiplEYE members and a warm welcome from the chairs of the action, Nora and Lena, and the local host and WG1 leader, Ramunė. The session began with an update on the latest versions of the ‘Data Collection Guidelines’ and ‘Data Management Plan’. Following this, Deborah, Cui and Chiara conducted a demo presentation of the experimental setup using an EyeLink 1000. They demonstrated the essential steps of the experimental procedure, discussing potential issues and their resolutions with the participants.

At this stage of the MultiplEYE Cost Action, the established experimental procedure serves as a solid foundation for each participating lab. Participants had the opportunity to install a minimal version of the experiment, discuss the psychometric tests involved, learn how to complete the metadata and documentation forms and address issues related to translating experiment instructions and comprehension questions.

The second day began with a presentation by the WG3 leader, Mila Vulchanova, who shared the ongoing work of WG3 and potential future research questions. Additionally, Cui provided updates on the corpus annotation procedure, highlighting the next step of gathering annotation tools in various languages. Discussions also covered possibilities for external fundings and reimbursement for participants in the experiment.

Participants were informed about the upcoming ‘MultiplEYE Data Collection Kickoff Webinar’, which presents a valuable opportunity for all Action participants and interested researchers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the data collection process and the progress made in the MultiplEYE Cost Action.